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Paul Bogart I All That Cowboy Jazz | from the new album "Leather"

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“All That Cowboy Jazz” is an infectious western swing song that will have listeners on their feet, boot-scootin’ across the floor in seconds. Co-written with a Hall of Fame radio DJ (Bill Whyte) and a world class multi-instrumentalist (Zach Runquist), Bogart lists the let-loose, line-dance-potential number as a personal favorite from the album.

Bogart’s new release, Leather, launched September 8, 2017, is the perfect paradigm of that Old West lifestyle that Bogart himself lives and breathes. Produced by Sony Nashville recording artist Trent Willmon (co-writer on Little Big Town’s “Rain on a Tin Roof,” and Montgomery Gentry’s “Back When I Knew It All”), Leather is a monument to Bogart’s upbringing and signature Western lifestyle. “This album is about hard work, hustle, and loving the woman God gave you,” he says candidly. “It’s about keeping your head down when you win and crawling back in the saddle when you hit the ground.” Sentiments Bogart knows firsthand, having grown up in Northeast Oklahoma to a family of truckers, team ropers and musicians; the title track, “Leather,” hearkens back to those Heartland roots and homegrown work ethic.
“I think about my grandparents and how hard they worked to make it,” muses Bogart. “It’s given me inspiration and motivation to work hard and never give up on my dreams.” Indeed, “Leather” taps into the belief that there’s beauty that comes from weathering storms together and seeing hard times through; it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever pressed on, persevered, or prayed for something better.

Director: Deb Haus
Producer: Dale Libby
Director of Photography: Flick Wiltshire
Editor: Stephen Shiveley


All That Cowboy Jazz

I love rodeos by cracker
That big ole bull they call Bushwhacker
Puffed out cheek full of chewin’ tobaccer
And all that cowboy jazz

Riding horses at full throttle
Louis La’More western novels
Cowgirl lips on long neck bottles
And all that cowboy jazz

Yip yip yip yippi-i-ay, Yip yip yip yippi-i-o

Dance halls, bars and honkey tonk lights
Cutting a rug on a Friday night
And throwing down later in a parking lot fight
And all that cowboy jazz

Wide open range baldface cattle
Front porch rail to hang your saddle
Dinner bell that rings and rattles
And all that cowboy jazz

Solo: x 2 Modulation

My best girlfriend is a buckaroo
And likes cowboy stuff just like I do
We go together like a foot in a boot
And all that cowboy jazz

We’ll tie the knot just like we planned
Do a little buckle rubbing at our wedding dance
Spend our nights making little ranch hands
And all that cowboy jazz


When it’s time to ride away
and I make it to Saint Peter’s gate
I sure hope that he’s ok with
All that cowboy jazz

I can’t wait to hear angles play
All that cowboy jazz

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