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Stephen A. Smith loses it on Max over UCLA players' suspension | First Take | ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith loses it on Max Kellerman over the UCLA players' suspension.

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  • mike Added One more thing. I can't believe that Max Kellerman actually blamed UCLA for allowing this "kids" to go on their own to these stores. Is he serious. I guess he wouldn't have known better at age 20. Is he serious. Do coaches and other UCLA personnel really need to tell these "kids" not to steal from a store. Even if the players were age 13, that would be unnecessary unless you had reason to believe that they had criminal mentalities. The only responsibility UCLA had to these "kids" were to advise them as to Chinese laws that would not be regarded as criminal in the USA, which sure as hell doesn't include shoplifting, which I would suspect is against the law in every frigging country on this planet and every other planet. These "kids" should be in a remedial HS program, not attending any college, much less one of the top colleges in the USA, if they lack comprehension. And, by the way, some people praise them for their "sincere" apologies. That is laughable. Firstly, they were deeply sorry that "they got caught with shit on their faces", and did they have a choice but to present their rehearsed apologies (probably written by their attorneys)? So forget about giving them credit. These 3 fools should be suspended for the entire 2017-18 basketball season. There are so many other decent men trying to get the same opportunity and these men shouldn't get off lightly.
  • mike Added I really don't know if Max Kellerman, a supposed sort of genius having graduated from an ivy league school in Columbia University, should be compared to Irving who claims that the earth is flat, or whether he just feels compelled to oppose any argument that Stephen A. has on virtually every topic presented on First Take. This over-rated debater claims that the UCLA players who stole, not just from one high-end store but three, and not in the USA but in China, have learned their lesson. Is this man serious or just being an ass? These kids as he calls them, age 20, who qualify to get a job and to go to war to fight for this country, were simply arrogant and had the American-attitude that they can do whatever they wish. knew exactly what they were doing and felt that they were above the law in someone else's country. I don't care if it is China with it's alleged oppressive laws. Even if it was in Canada, they deserved to be punished pretty harshly. Those calling what they did as "a mistake" must be people who would have done something so egregious at the age of 20. And those who claim that Lavar Ball is a great parent despite his bombastic, rude, condescending, intimidating and boastful style, should realize that his parenting style is deeply flawed to have what LiAngelo Ball do what he did. Parents like Lavar raise kids who feel that they are above everyone in the society. He is a terrible parent and a poor role model. By taking a team of players out of a game, thereby disappointing the players and their parents (remember none of his sons were on that team) shows what an asshole he is. By taking his awkward, over-rated youngest son, Lamelo, out of school because he won't be allowed to put up 50 shots a night, is the ultimate display of arrogance and proof to the world that Lavar believes that basketball doesn't become a team sport when any of his sons are on the team. Max Kellerman is clearly either an idiot or a bad entertainer. It is frustrating to hear him come up with insipid arguments time and time again. Doesn't he realize that anyone can argue when they have committed a crime that has caused grief, that they have paid the price? What happens when a parent, including a teenage parent decides to run an errand and leave a small child in the car or at home and something serious happens to the child. Wouldn't you argue that the parent has already been punished? No doubt many people won't repeat something that causes pain to others or even themselves (most people won't drive so fast for excitement that they crash a car and end up in hospital - should that person not be charged with a criime?) If educated people like Max Kellerman argue this way, this explains why our society is in trouble since educated people run our society.